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Lori Kilmer began teaching swimming in 1975. She coached and competed in swimming and diving teams throughout High School and College. Lori acquired degrees in Physical Education, Science, Biology, Adapted Physical Education, and a California State Teaching Education, and a California State Teaching Credential from SDSU. Kilmer's Swim Time was created after thirteen years of teaching in both public and private schools.
"Thank you Lori for helping Andrew not just in swimming, but with his self confidence...  You have a big impact on him."  -Sandra Krantz


Kilmer's Swim Time specializes in personalized swim instruction tailored to meet your swim needs. Customized scheduling of lessons, to fit your busy schedule. Private instruction, one teacher to one student, provides the optimal learning environment.

All ages and swim levels are welcome. We specialize in working with fearful children and adults, and through Kilmer's Swim Time turn fear into fun. Lessons are taught using a simple progression. Skills are broken down into simple small steps and introduced with an element of fun. Having fun while learning is a major goal of each lesson.

Swim Certifications
Red Cross CPR
First Aid
Lifeguard Training
Water Safety Instructor    
Member of:
National Swim School Association
American Swim Coaches Association
San Diego Aquatics Council
Escondido Chamber of Commerce
Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce    
Positive teaching style
Love children
Form a trusting bond with their students
Red Cross Certified and trained using 
Lori's proven method of teaching